School Closure Info Specific to Horizon Students

          UCSD #1 has closed school under the recommendation of the Governor and State Superintendent in response to CDC guidelines for addressing the Coronavirus Pandemic.

           At this point, the closure is in effect through April 17, 2020.  More information will be released through the district as it becomes available in regards to resuming after April 17th or not.

            Our office at Horizon is currently closed.  If you need any items from the school please contact the principal immediately and arrange to come and get them.  There is a chance staff can have access to the building later this week by appointment only.

            Students can use the current time that school is closed to complete any missing third quarter assignments.  They should also use this time to work on any Apex courses they may have.  Many of our students have credit recovery classes in Apex.  Our staff will monitor these courses and respond to email requests and questions.  We want students to complete these.  Final grades for third quarter will not be posted until at least five days after we resume school.  This will allow for students complete any missing work for third quarter that they could not make up while school is closed.

           Superintendent Balow has made it clear, "Each Wyoming school district must have an Adapted Learning Plan approved by the Wyoming Department of Education prior to April 6 to continue to receive state funding.” UCSD#1's plan will be reviewed by all staff (again) in draft form on Monday, March 30, presented to the Board on Tuesday, March 31, and rolled out to all staff in final form on Wednesday, April 1. Regardless of school closure status, we plan to resume school on-line/ virtually after spring break on April 13th. Please make sure your student is checking their email. If they do not have a device or internet connections, please contact the principal at 307-206-5177. More details (schedules and plans) about how school will run after April 13th will be released later this week.

           During the closure teachers and staff will be available to contact through email.  They will check email daily and try to respond within 24 hours.  In addition, Horizon teachers and admin have all agreed to check emails specifically at 8am on Tuesdays and 2pm on Thursdays.  During these times you can expect a quicker response from them, in case you have a more urgent question or concern.  Our teachers will also be meeting weekly virtually via Zoom on Thursdays at 8AM.  If you have a concern or question that might need input form multiple teachers, please email the principal and he will have them address it during this time.

Staff email info

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Feel free to contact the school if you have any questions. 

You can call/ email the Principal, Shad Hamilton, at 307-206-5177 or