Adaptive Learning Update

Hello Horizon Parents/Guardians,

As we wind down the traditional school year the district has modified our adaptive learning plan the last seven days of school to allow more time for students to catch up...

Expectations for UCSD #1 Middle and High School Students - May 20 through May 29, 2020


There will be no new content presented to middle and high school students after May 19, 2020.  We are doing this so that our teachers can focus on those students with failing grades or missing assignments.  The COVID-19 crisis and the need for us to be responsive to the challenges of our Adaptive Learning Plan has created a need for individual and small group intervention.  

Student Expectations:  

Those students that have all of their assignments turned in and are passing all of their classes will still need to check in with their teachers during their regularly scheduled classes.  This “check-in” (for attendance purposes) may take many forms as the method will be determined by the individual teachers.  Examples include attending a Zoom class session, answering a survey question, or responding to an email prompt.  

Those students missing assignments or currently earning a D or F grade will continue to work with their respective teachers to demonstrate proficiency on course expectations.   When assignments are turned in and grades are passing, these students will follow the same “check-in” procedures mentioned above.

Students that have turned in all their assignments and are passing all of their classes but want to improve their grades, can also work with their teachers to do so. 

As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about anything.

Shad Hamilton

Principal- Horizon Jr/Sr High School