COVID Exposure Clarification


Horizon Parents/ Guardians:

We were notified that one of our staff members tested positive for COVID 19 today.  This is the first positive case we’ve seen all year.  Our students and staff have been doing an excellent job complying with re-opening plan procedures to keep everyone in our building safe and healthy.  We intend to keep doing this.

      Anyone that may have been in the same room with the staff member that tested positive for more than 15 minutes was sent a letter from our district and school nurse notifying you and your student about possible exposure.  The staff member has been isolating since last Thursday.  They always complied with our district’s health and safety guidelines around COVID, therefore the risk of exposure to students is low.  However, any time we are aware of a positive case your student may have been exposed to at school we will notify you.

Your student is NOT quarantined.  They are expected to attend school as long as they are healthy (not exhibiting signs or symptoms of COVID).  

In the event that your student was exposed to COVID and it was determined their exposure was higher risk (physical contact/ no masks etc) our school nurse or administrator would be contacting you directly with further directions and/or recommendations.

Quarantine will only be recommended for students/ staff that test positive for COVID 19 and/or reside with a family member that has tested positive.

        Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 


        Shad Hamilton


        Horizon High School