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Evanston is located in the southwest corner of Wyoming in Uinta County. The population of Evanston is 12,000 and 20,200 for all of Uinta County.
The major employers in Evanston are: Uinta County School District #1, Wyoming State Hospital, City of Evanston, Mountain Regional Services, and Evanston Regional Hospital. These employers have more than 150 employees each.
School Profile
Horizon Jr./Sr. Alternative High School, a public, 6-year, co-ed junior and senior high school. It includes grades 7-12 with a student population of approximately 60 students. There are 10 certified staff members. The teacher pupil ratio is 1/6.
Explanation of Block Schedule
Horizon Jr./Sr. Alternative High School is on a Modified A/B Block schedule.
Most classes meet every other day for 78 minutes for the entire year with some classes meeting every day for one semester. With this schedule students can earn up to 8 credits per year and have the opportunity to earn 32 credits in four years of high school attendance.
Length of period          78 minutes
Periods per day           4
Length of semester     18 weeks
Semesters per year     2
Grading System
Required courses must be passed with a C- or better in order to receive a required credit. Elective courses must be passed with a D- or better in order to receive an elective credit.
  Letter Grade  Grade Point  Numerical
 A 4.0  93-100
A-  3.7 90-92 
B+  3.3 87-89 
 B 3.0 83-86 
 B- 2.7 80-82 
 C+ 2.3 77-79 
 C 2.0 73-76 
 C- 1.7 70-72 
 D+ 1.3 67-69 
1.0  63-66
D-  0.7 60-62 
F 0.0 59 & below
Average ACT Composite Scores:
Approximately 99% of our students take this test. Since 2008 it has been a State Requirement. 
School Year  ACT Scores
2016 17.3
2015 15.8
2014 17.0
2013 15.5
2012 15.3
Graduation Requirements
Area of Study Credits
English 4
Math 3
Science 3
Social Studies 3
P.E 1
Fine Arts 1
Health .5
Foreign Language 1
Career/Technical 1
Total Credits 17.5